Week seventeen-Draft submitted

Over the past two weeks I have been editing and finalising my dissertation. I had to sort out my referencing and footnote everything. I am 95% happy with it now so have handed it in to Erin to mark. The only bits that I was unsure about was the structure of the literature review and bibliography but getting feedback on it now is the best thing. This week I am going to think about my evaluation.


Week fifteen- Drowning in dissertation woes

Over christmas I continued editing and proof reading my draft which I now feel happy to hand in as my first one. In total it is around 26 pages. However, I know there is areas of improvement still. I think my referencing system still needs some work as I don’t feel I entirely understand what bits I need and also my formatting needs some work too. I’m unsure as where to go with my essay now which is a concern of mine as I’m aware the deadline is getting closer now. Getting my first draft marked would be very useful to focus on areas of improvement. But as it’s being mark I’m going to continue improving and altering it too.